Branding with an exclusive look

Embroidery is an exclusive way of logo labelling for your clothes Embroidery provides you with a high-quality logo that will always look good even after several washes. Furthermore, it can be washed in an industrial washing machine.

What types of textiles can embroidery be used for?

Embroidery can be used with advantage, for many different types of clothes, caps and hats. Though there are certain textiles that embroidery lends itself particularly well to, e.g. where the use of transfers is not particularly well suited. We therefore recommend that embroidery be used for, among other things: Fleece, knitwear, jackets, bags, caps, sweat-shirts and polo-shirts.

Pricewise, embroidery lies on the more expensive end of logo labelling but provides you with a good and exclusive product of high quality and durability. A number of our customers choose embroidery on clothing, for example, as it can withstand industrial washing and retains both its shape and colour even after many washes.

To those who take care of the washing

Our embroidery is manufactured using 100% polyester thread that is chlorine genuine and can be washed in temperatures of up to 95°C. This means that almost regardless of what your logo has been embroidered on, it can tolerate the same temperatures as the textile that it’s been embroidered on. It can even withstand being washed at very high temperatures in an industrial washing machine without getting ruined.

What you should be aware of

You should be aware of the size of the logo, its level of detail and its positioning on the textile. The reason for this is that very small details can be difficult to reproduce and there may also, depending on the textile, be limited possibilities for the positioning of the logo due to both stitching and pockets that can’t be embroidered on.