Sport Flex

Sportflex is a flexible and strong transfer, ideally suited for all kinds of clothing made from cotton or cotton/polyester, such as polo shirts, sweatshirts, football jerseys, handball shirts, running wear, and other stretchable fabrics, the finish on sporting goods are one of the best on the marked.

The Sportflex transfer is delivered on transparent foil, making it easy to apply in the desired position. The transfers are cold-peel or hot-peel, which shortens the application time. Note that certain textiles, such as softshell and sublimation sporting goods need a BLOCK against migration – don’t hesitate to ask for our support if needed. 


can be washed at 40°C and machine-dried at 40°C. Wash and tumble-dry inside out for maximum protection of the print.


145-160°C for 12-14 seconds. Hot peel or cold peel. Can be heat sealed after the transfer process.

Be aware of the individual textile’s material and properties; contact the sup- plier if necessary.

We also offer BLOCK against migration from sublimation printed textile.