DST Digital

What you see, is what you get

The advantages of a digitally produced transfer are that photos, motifs and high level of details are printed in high resolution.

What makes Dst Digital transfers unique?

Even the smallest details appear crystal clear Digital soft is recommended for textiles made from cotton and polyester, e.g. workwear,  sportswear such as running and cycling gear, gymnastics clothing and cotton t-shirts,  Digital multi is recommended for bags, umbrellas, workwear, track-suits and other synthetic product.

However, we always recommend that you try a test first to ensure that the article can handle the heat before applying the transfer.

NOTE: Wait 24 hours before washing for the first time.

The Greenest print in the industri

DST Digital offers unparalleled qualities.

DST Digital reduces environment impact through significantly lower Co2 emissions.

DST Digital requires 60 % less production energy than traditional heath transfers.

There is nothing much to consider – choose the best transfer quality with the lowest environment impact.

DST Digital!