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Work Multi


…Work Multi printing be beneficial?

Another option in our offer is an innovative and exceptionally strong thermal transfer. It is printing called Work Multi. Undoubtedly, this technology meets even the most stringent requirements. Thus, if you are looking for a technology that allows you to permanently mark fabric or textile with your logo or other graphics – this solution is for you. There is no challenge that clothing with prints made using Work Multi technology cannot handle!

Multi Work is a printing method that works well for marking all kinds of garments. i.e. made of:

  • cotton
  • cotton-polyester blends
  • polyester or nylon.

To sum up, here’s a list of what you can get by choosing this solution:

  • Durable thermotransfer, which can be made on various clothing items and other textiles.
  • Wide selection of fabrics, both natural and flexible.
  • Washing and drying up to 60 degrees Celsius without losing the print quality.
  • Eye-catching branding of your logo.
  • Additionally – timely fulfillment!


…Work Multi printing stand out?

Thermotransfer made using this technology is a versatile, durable, and convenient solution that works well in many situations. Not only it offers a wide range of possibilities and precision, but also long-lasting effects. But that’s not the end of the list of Work Multi technology advantages! What else do our clients appreciate about this solution? Discover what you receive when using Work Multi:

  • Ability to print on the most popular types of materials. Due to extensive production capabilities and possibility to brand your products in any selected spot, this technology is used to create various clothing items, textiles and other products, providing the best effects!
  • Resistance to high temperatures. Not only the prints made with this method can be washed using up to 60°C. Also dried at temperatures up to 60°C (turned inside out).
  • Time saving, as this solution is easy to apply. The print is applied to a special transparent foil, which can be removed either right after application to the fabric or later, using a cold peel method. Due to that, efficient production and quick turnaround time for prints can be achieved.

To sum up, the wide range of material available, possibility to fulfill orders in a timely manner, as well as the durability of the prints, are the traits that allowed us to successfully complete our clients’ orders for years.

Work Multi – extra strong printing.

In case you need more information about Work Multi thermotransfer or would like to make an order, please contact our advisors. Let’s become business partners!


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