Work Multi

Our best overall transfers

Work Multi is an extremely strong transfer that is ideally suited to all kinds of clothing  and articles, made from cotton or cotton/polyester, sport jersey, sweat-shirts, polos, t-shirts, workwear, bags, jackets, umbrellas, If you can place your product in a applying machine – Work multi are ideal choice.

It is easy to place

Work Multi transfer is supplied on a transparent foil, which makes it easy to place on the right applying position. The transfer are cold-peel or hot-peel, which shortens the application time. Notice that some textile, like softshell and sublimation printed sporting goods need a BLOCK against migration, don’t hesitate to ask for our support. 

How to apply work multi transfers

Washed and tumble-dried inside out to protect the print and textile as much as possible.

Applying heat from 135°C to 170°C for 12-14 seconds. 

Be aware of the individual textiles material and properties, i case of question  contact the seller of textile.