Waterproof protective masks

Waterproof protective masks

Due to the hard situation in Europe that affect many businesses (also ours), we are doing our best to adapt to present conditions also with our company, and our cooperates.

As we deal in the clothes industry and we are very close to many sewing companies, we decided to offer protective masks.

These are two-layer masks: 1st layer: 100% cotton (160-210g), 2nd layer: 30g fleece

Thanks to fleece the mask is waterproof for at least 30sec and can protect from contaminated liquids (up to first wash).

The masks are offered in different random colours (most often in white, please ask for other available colours as the stocks change) and can be customized with one-colour logo.

The masks are not sold as certified medical masks, but they are very useful in all kind of professions where the employees are exposed to contact with other people.